Discover Future Solutions

Our activities at this year's K were a clear indication of the route we have charted. As an innovative, forward-looking specialist in plastics manufacturing, we aim to deliver the very best technical solutions possible – worldwide. From 2014 onwards, our new Technology Centre in Kirn will offer the additional benefit of state-of-the-art process engineering for high-end plastics development and production. Our Technical Service Centre will take on a more international role for all SIMONA production sites around the globe. We unveiled several new products and presented a number of exciting development projects at our exhibition stand and in the latest issue of Combining a diverse portfolio of products and materials with a wide range of processing methods, we are the perfect partner when it comes to bringing your ideas to fruition. Join us in developing the plastic solutions of the future – efficient, safe and sustainable.

The latest products in our portfolio include:


Halbzeuge auf Biobasis

Semi-finished parts made of bio-based plastics

In collaboration with various suppliers, SIMONA is now using a range of bio-based raw materials. For instance, using the extrusion process, a number of semifinished parts have already been produced from bio-based PE, transparent bio-copolyester and polyamide 6.10.

SIMOWOOD – Extruded sheets made of Resysta®

In conjunction with Resysta International GmbH, SIMONA was the first company to successfully extrude a compound based on rice husks, rock salt and mineral oil into large-scale sheets. The resultant material is a genuine alternative to wood-based products in both appearance and haptics. After only a short development period, 2,000 x 1,000 mm sheets as thick as 1 to 5 mm have now been produced - other sizes and thicknesses will follow.

SIMONA® Piping Systems for water supply and wastewater disposal

The extensive range of SIMONA® Pipes and Fittings is associated with the production areas of pipe extrusion and injection-moulding as well as the inhouse plastics workshop where turned parts and special designs are fabricated. Thanks to these three production areas, SIMONA is able to offer complete systems for safe and cost-effective transportation of liquids.


SIMONA® Multilayer Pipes with functional layers

These pipes are used for hydraulic transportation of abrasive, high-impact materials such as sand, gravel or loose stones, which put considerable strain on the interior surfaces of any plastic pipe. The universal properties of SIMONA® Multilayer Pipes lend themselves to many new areas of application. In Norway, for instance, they have replaced steel pipes previously used to transport fish caught by fishing trawlers. Thanks to their smooth and resilient interior surfaces, plastic pipes prevent damage to the catch.

SIMONA® Twin-wall Sheets of the third generation

SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets of the third generation represent much more than an updated version of their predecessors. Thanks to highly innovative technical adjustments, the efficiency and stability of the material have been optimised while keeping the overall thickness of the walls to a minimum. What this adds to the existing materials portfolio is a further reduction in surface weight with virtually unchanged flexural strength, which increases the options for using this material.

SIMONA® Hollow Rods

SIMONA AG has extended the new product portfolio of SIMONA® Hollow Rods to include an extensive range of sizes and dimensions. The black-coloured hollow rods, which are extruded from PE 100, are supplied in a length of 2,000 mm and external diameters of 110 to 810 mm. Special sizes are available on request.


SIMONA® Liner Piping Systems

SIMONA® Liner Piping Systems are an extension of the existing SIMONA range of laminated sheets. While laminated sheets are used worldwide to manufacture containers in composite construction, the new liner piping systems have been designed to meet exacting standards in industrial applications. A new manufacturing method to promote adhesion allows various materials (PP, PVDF, E-CTFE) to be processed, creating the strongest possible bond between the pipe and the laminate. Various textile bonding agents or chemically pre-treated pipes are available to suit the application area in each case.

SIMONA® SIMOLIFE sheets for orthotics and prosthetics

After expanding its material portfolio to include ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), SIMONA has introduced a new product line which, for the first time, encompasses a range of different materials. With the option of sheets made from PE, PP, PETG or EVA, SIMONA® SIMOLIFE is an extensive product line specifically designed for applications in the field of orthopaedics technology.

SIMODUAL² – Double-containment piping system for industrial applications

The SIMODUAL2 double-containment piping system is an innovative all-embracing system for industrial pipeline construction. The focus here was on creating a standardised product solution that meets the highest safety standards without the need for elaborate, expensive one-off designs.